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Grossus Blockchain is a cornerstone of the Geton Ecosystem's evolution, employing a groundbreaking approach by linking e-mail accounts with blockchain-based deterministic wallet addresses.
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Q3 2017 ➝ Q2 2020

Concept Evolution:

➡︎ The Grossus Blockchain began with the initial ideation and conceptualization, which involved introducing foundational token concepts like:
- PiplShare PiplCoin (PIPL);
- PronWorld PronCoin (PRON);
- Waste Management CarbCoin (CARB);
- Health Alternative Canabio Token (CNB)
- Estate Tokenization EstateCoin (EEEE);
- Casino Hotel CryptonHotels (HOTEL);
... and more.

➡︎ Need for Effective Micro Transaction Management:
As the concept of micro transactions gained prominence, it became evident that a robust and transparent system was needed to manage these efficiently. Traditional methods were falling short in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, and transparency.
➡︎ The Challenge of Integration:
Developing a private blockchain that seamlessly integrated with the public Ethereum network posed a significant challenge. This required creating a solution that not only ensured secure and transparent micro transactions but also allowed for interoperability with the broader blockchain community.
➡︎ Initiation of Grossus Blockchain:
It was in response to this pressing need that the idea for Grossus Blockchain was conceived. Recognizing the imperative for a private blockchain that could effectively handle micro transactions, the founder embarked on a mission to develop and present Grossus Blockchain itself.

This stage served as the catalyst for the inception of Grossus Blockchain, setting the foundation for a groundbreaking solution that would revolutionize micro transactions within the blockchain ecosystem.

Q3 2020 ➝

Geton Ecosystem Powered by Grossus Blockchain

➡︎ Integration Milestone: The successful integration of Grossus Blockchain into the Geton Ecosystem marked a pivotal advancement. This integration endowed the ecosystem with the capacity to support fast, cost-effective, and instant microtransactions between Gx wallets.
➡︎ Enhanced Functionality: This integration also ushered in a host of advanced features and functionalities within the ecosystem, elevating its overall capabilities to a new level.
➡︎ Dramatically Improved Transaction Speed: Users experienced a substantial increase in transaction speed and efficiency. This optimization particularly benefits microtransactions, ensuring a seamless and swift process.

Continued Circulation of Balances within Grossus Blockchain: All balances stored within Grossus Blockchain, which Geton Ecosystem users possess in their Gx wallets (associated with their respective emails and managed through project or marketing platform interfaces), are still actively circulating within the private network of Grossus Blockchain. This private network is seamlessly integrated into the broader public Ethereum network.
Introduction of Bridging Option: As a significant development stage, a bridging option has been introduced. This allows users to bridge their balances to compatible networks, expanding their accessibility and utility. Through this bridging mechanism, users can control their assets using the popular MetaMask wallet.

This integration not only streamlines the transaction process but also enhances the overall user experience within the Geton Ecosystem. The ability to bridge assets to compatible networks represents a crucial step forward, offering users expanded opportunities and control over their digital assets.

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