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My work is a reflection of my passion for innovation and my personal mission.
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"My WAY" revolves around work!

I was born and raised in the picturesque countryside of Gorenjska, Slovenia. The region is known for its stunning landscapes, including the majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, and meandering rivers. We also enjoy the privilege of bordering Italy and Austria, with a captivating view of our capital city, Ljubljana.

Growing up, I was influenced by the rich history of our vibrant community and the awe-inspiring natural surroundings that shaped our cherished traditions and core values. During my early years, when Yugoslavia was a proud federation, hard work was highly respected and considered paramount. Equally important was the commitment to keeping promises, regardless of the consequences. These principles have molded my character.

Looking back, I realize that I would make different choices today, armed with the knowledge and experience I've gained. Whatewer I've done, I did it my way! About regrets, I've god a few, but then again to few to mention.
For my grandmother's wise words always resonated with me: "The more knowledge you acquire, the more valuable you become" I am thankfull for all my life. I have embraced a mindset of continuous learning and deep thinking. I am rarely satisfied with the status quo, always seeking ways to improve and create something better and more beneficial for everyone. Expressing my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs motivates me.

This drive to constantly work, develop, and enhance my endeavors has made me somewhat of a controversial figure, difficult to understand, and live with. I thrive in private and peaceful spaces, where I can tap into my creativity and unleash my full potential. Crowded environments tend to stifle my productivity.

Among the various occupations and career paths I have pursued, my most significant life project is the development of the Geton Ecosystem. Many people know me through this endeavor, either directly or through their user experiences with the ecosystem's platforms. Geton has been established for over five years, but its concept and ideas have undergone numerous iterations before finding their current form. Several versions never saw the light of day, while others were merged or incorporated into the Geton concept which is "now at end and I face the final curtain and I state my case of which I am certain" - like a popular song is saying.


My Perspective on the Phenomenon of Cryptocurrencies: A Personal View

Everything that happens in our lives can only occur when the circumstances allow it. The modern world lacks knowledge, wisdom, and a basic understanding of the essence of human existence. The values of happiness, community participation, charity, and genuine connections have been neglected. Our focus on materialistic goals and the pursuit of "virtual" power, while emphasizing self-importance, has created a dangerous situation.

The global economy is worth almost 90 trillion dollars, comprising numerous sectors. The cryptocurrency sector represents today between 1 to 3 trillion dollars. While the distribution of main players may vary across different sectors, it's important to consider the growing interest and involvement of modern society in cryptocurrencies - where the main players will still keep their substantial share. This raises questions about the consequences of further empowering and believing in this virtual sector, especially considering the role of speculation as a catalyst for undesirable outcomes.

From my perspective, cryptocurrencies cannot be regarded as investment instruments similar to gold, commodities, or real estate. They operate solely on the principles of an economic bubble, lacking any real "production" except for the creation of new types and emissions. They are an effective tool for stimulating greed, euphoria, and ultimately mass delusion.

Currently, the top 10 cryptocurrencies represent 85% of the sector's total market capitalization, while the remaining 15% is divided among approximately 23,000 others. Taking all these facts into consideration, my contribution to the cryptocurrency world is to provide and continuously improve solutions that promote clear and accurate understanding. This allows individuals to make informed decisions regarding whether or not to use cryptocurrencies, recognizing their limited potential to bring happiness and enhance our lives.

While blockchain technology is advanced and holds tremendous potential, empowering cryptocurrencies within a transparent, decentralized, and community-governed ecosystem could be a positive direction. Otherwise, it may lead to capitulation and become a weapon of mass destruction, something inherently evil.

In recent years, I have personally experienced the vivid and painful realization that community motivation to truly adopt and embrace such an ecosystem is currently impossible. This is due to the prevailing motivation to speculate and blindly use cryptocurrencies based on media influences and false expectations of rewards.

With unwavering conviction in the ideas conveyed here, I proudly introduce two interconnected solutions to the world:
1. MyGetonWallet: This platform provides a unique opportunity for users of the Geton Ecosystem to import their illiquid currencies, including GetonCoin, PiplCoin, GroshCoin, and more, and bridge (transfer) them from GetonLedger to the Binance SamrtChain network. By using the provided solutions to reducing emissions and increasing liquidity, these recycled tokens gain enhanced tokenization potential, leading to more effective utilization. MyGetonWallet is the final stage of GetonEcosystem development and will operate for a short and limited time.
2. WaweSwaps: A decentralized application that operates under the guidance of smart contracts and fosters community participation through the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This innovative platform facilitates seamless swapping of listed tokens, both liquid and illiquid, empowering the community to actively shape the ecosystem's development.


A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Binance Smart Chain.

My newest project, WaweSwaps, is specifically designed for swapping BEP-20 tokens. We launched the platform in the UAE in June 2023, with a team comprising an IT development lead and a business operations developer. As the author of the WaweSwaps whitepaper and the official representative, I provide advisory support.

WaweSwaps stands out from other exchanges through its utilization of an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model. This model incorporates algorithmic "money robots" to ensure equitable distribution of liquidity across all token swaps. To learn more, we invite you to explore the WaweSwaps whitepaper.


With my character as I described, I hope that my words, whether spoken or written, are understood as they are without misconstruing them into various unreal scenarios. Speculation arising from such misunderstandings can lead to the improper use of our solutions, resulting in disappointment or unmet expectations.

"I cannot predict the future, and it is not my purpose or mission to enter your life to foretell its outcome. Instead, through my work, I aim to demonstrate how things can begin and progress, guided by the principles that govern me. Furthermore, I intend to assist you in overcoming the fear of missing out on opportunities (speculation), a fear that increasingly plagues you and hinders your openness to change and recognizing possibilities. I will diligently work towards creating an environment free from unnecessary limitations and speculation, a world where anything beneficial for people becomes achievable, fostering creativity and innovation. Regardless of our starting point, the choice also lies with you."

We cannot change the past and redo our actions. However, I do possess the power to act better today and pave a desirable path for the future. As a part of community, I am aware, Me (and everybody of us) hold the key to shaping our collective destiny.